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December 1, 2022

How Do You Know if You Like Someone Romantically? 6 Signs That Show You’re Falling in Love

How can you tell if you are falling for someone? Sometimes it’s not so obvious, or you might refuse to accept what’s happening. If you’re feeling confused, you may be curious to learn how you know if you like someone romantically.

When you want to be sure about your feelings, recognizing some signs could help you in the process. If you only have eyes for one person, constantly think about them or want to spend more and more time together, those are some pretty big signals that you are developing some romantic feelings. Don’t try to ignore them but embrace them and enjoy the journey.

How Do You Know if You Like Someone Romantically and Recognize That There Is Some Romantic Attraction Going On?

How to know if you like someone romantically? Are the butterflies in your stomach and birds singing over your shoulder the real signal or a trick? Although many people you turn to for advice will say that “it’s hard to describe” or “you will just know,” you’ll realize that figuring out your emotions is not so straightforward.

If you had some negative experiences and had to walk away from a relationship or had a hard time getting over a breakup, you are probably struggling to admit to yourself what is going on. You might be afraid that it will all end up the same way as in your previous relationship. Yes, new beginnings and feelings can sometimes be frightening, but instead of running away from them, you should embrace them.

Why Knowing What Romantic Attraction Is Important?

Many people often don’t understand the difference between sexual and emotional attraction. And in this case, when you are trying to figure out where you are at with your feelings, it’s important to get it right. Not only because romance is quite a complex subject but also because romantic and sexual attractions are two different things that are often mixed.

When dealing with stress, whether it’s work stress or something else bothering you, many things in life become hard to understand. Some things you thought you knew now become unclear, including emotions. The thing is, every person is different. So, it doesn’t matter if you have had many or any previous experiences. It’s an entirely new story every time you meet someone new. This article will help you understand your feelings and learn how to read the signs.

#1 That Person Is Always on Your Mind

When you find yourself constantly thinking about that one person before you go to sleep and the minute you wake up, don’t be too concerned. You might even catch yourself overthinking conversations that happened just because you’re thinking about the wonderful time you’ve spent together and who said what.

It’s hard to stop overthinking when you meet someone new and don’t really know what you can expect from them. Opening up and sharing your thoughts with someone could help you get a bigger picture. Gaining insight from a friend who knows you best, or finding a trusted therapist and booking your first therapy appointment  can help you understand your feelings, learn how to live in the moment without overthinking everything, and challenge myths and stereotypes we hold about love.

You Might Feel Some Physical Symptoms as Well

At the beginning stages of love, some physical symptoms could be present as well, such as losing appetite or feeling like your stomach is in knots. However, if you notice some other signs, you may need these  self-care tips. For example, all the excitement and constant overthinking could lead to sleep deprivation, Here is how to prevent it:

  • Stick to your bedtime to establish a routine, communicate the importance of this with your partner.
  • Don’t watch TV or stare at your phone before bed and try to avoid the negative impact of social media,
  • Avoid eating at least three or four hours before going to bed,
  • Forget about caffeine and sugar before sleep.
  • Try to focus on being present and enjoying your company

#2 They Are On Top of Your Priority List

When we are amazed by someone and want to be around them, we tend to prioritize them to the point that we start rearranging and reimagining life to fit their preferences. If you are in the same situation and you don’t feel it as a sacrifice, consider you are probably falling in love. If you notice someone is relationship material right up your alley, you’ll probably want to see where that goes, so you’ll unconsciously start prioritizing them and their needs.

When There Is an Emotional Connection, You Feel That’s a Natural Thing to Do But Be Careful

What’s most important is that this shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice at all. Quite the contrary, you’ll probably enjoy it. If you start canceling brunches and other events with your family and friends just to be available for that one person, know it is probably a sign of a romantic attraction.

Just try to maintain a healthy balance. Neglecting everyone else just because now there is that special someone could ruin some friendships or family relationships. Keep the bigger picture in your mind all the time. If you notice your friends are complaining about your behavior, consider talking to a therapist for women to get the much-needed advice and help.

#3 You’re Attracted Even to Their Quirks

When attracted to someone, we often put on those pink sunglasses, which work as a filter and can even turn some flaws into advantages. For example, when you think about that special person, you just can’t see some quirks as downsides. Quite the contrary, suddenly, everything about them is attractive and irresistible. In fact, you’ll probably start requestioning your attitude about some weird habits.

For example, you probably never thought before how biting nails or eating pizza with ketchup and mayonnaise together was ok? Or that maybe sleeping with socks on or sleeping with the window open, even during the winter, is normal? All those things can suddenly become quite reasonable and so interesting if the person you are into is doing them.

#4 Suddenly Other Attractive People Are Not So Attractive

Not too long ago, when you were walking down the street, you would notice an attractive individual or two every once in a while. This was the most normal thing that was happening daily. But now, things have changed completely. Suddenly, all you can see is that one person you think about constantly.

You might even start seeing them in other people. That’s how far it can go. However, don’t worry, you are not hallucinating, you are probably just very focused on that significant person. When you don’t see the romantic potential in anyone else, it is a clear sign that you only have eyes for that one special human.

#5 You Want to Do Things Together

When you are comfortable around someone and you enjoy spending time together, it is natural that you start thinking about all the things you two could do together. You just want to include that individual in every aspect of your life. From choosing new curtains to taking them to your friend’s birthday party.

However, for some, it might be hard to express their ideas and wishes, which could result in a wasted opportunity. Not knowing how to be social as an introvert is challenging, and although there are many tips for introverts, they usually don’t focus on establishing a romantic connection. That is why visiting a therapist could help you overcome your fears and encourage you to invite that special person to do more things together.

#6 Everyone Around You Can Notice That Something’s Different

Are all of your family members and friends noticing all you do is talk about your crush? Some of them might bring up the fact you are spending less time with them than before, too. Other people can see what’s going on even before you are ready to admit it to yourself.

However, don’t let that bother you. Although this could only speed up things, some might get afraid of admitting they are falling for someone for specific reasons. You may want to resist the happiness you feel out of fear, but recieve the positive emotions you may be experiencing. Make sure you are in the good hands of people or a therapist who can show you how to take care of yourself and embrace what you deserve.

You Could Notice You’re Freaking Out a Bit

Keep in mind that there could be some weird moments. For example, you’ll exaggerate and go through every message they send and start questioning the meaning behind them. Overthinking usually leads to negative thoughts and anxiety, which is somewhat expected when communicating with someone you don’t know well enough.

However, knowing the difference between panic and anxiety attacks could help you handle the stress and stop overthinking. In situations like that, turn to some self-care ideas for women and don’t panic. Usually, there is always a logical explanation you are overlooking because you are overthinking.

Suddenly, Everything Will Feel Right

When you find that one right person and the stars align for you two, the one dominant feeling will be that everything is exactly as it should be. The absence of doubt will help you feel light as a feather, and everything will go on smoothly. However, sometimes that is not enough to relax fully. When everything is a bit too good, people tend to expect that something negative is about to happen. The inability to receive joy is often tied to our past.  We think things are “too good to be true,” or that we’re not worthy. If you’re dealing with these thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you feel comfortable with the presence of true love in your life.