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How to Use Reiki for Stress Relief

By abigail-butler | May 9, 2022 | Anxiety

Connecting spiritual, mental, and physical betterment is essential for a transformation. If you want to sort out your life and work on different aspects of yourself, you must understand the connection between body and soul. That’s what reiki for stress can help with. Learn more about this ancient form of healing here.

What Is Reiki Therapy and How Does It Work

By abigail-butler | May 3, 2022 | Self-Care

If you’re looking for a different form of therapy to try along with other treatments, then you should research Reiki. But what is Reiki therapy, and how does it work? Whether it was a doctor’s suggestion or you’ve heard from a friend, give this Japanese technique a try and see and feel for yourself how it promotes healing, relaxation, and stress reduction.

How to Deal With Racial Microaggressions in Workplace

By abigail-butler | April 13, 2022 | Self-Care

From racial to sexual microaggressions, if you are a woman who is part of a minority, you have probably experienced some form of microaggressions in workplace. Even though blatant racism is still present in our society, microaggressions can be hard to recognize and fight against. The first step is to learn how to identify if someone is “unintentionally” being discriminatory towards you.

Let’s Talk About Sexual Empowerment

By abigail-butler | March 15, 2022 | Self-Care

Many external factors affect our sexuality and self-awareness, from social media and societal pressures to the expectations of those around us. Most women get criticism or advice about sexuality from those that shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Let’s talk about sexual empowerment and shedding unnecessary burdens.

How to Deal With Loneliness

By abigail-butler | February 28, 2022 | Mental Health

Every now and then, a person finds themselves trying to figure out how to deal with loneliness. It is an uncomfortable feeling, definitely, yet at the same time, it is a very common and normal one. Humans are, after all, social creatures and as such crave human companionship. But when intimacy is lacking and hard feelings set in – one has to overcome it, and here is how to do that.

What to Do When You Feel Lonely

By abigail-butler | February 20, 2022 | Mental Health

Everybody feels alone from time to time. It is normal. Still, if feeling lonely is affecting your life greatly, there are things you can do to improve the situation. Knowing what to do when you feel lonely and sad can improve your mental health and, in the end, your quality of life. We will show you how to cope and deal with these emotions in the most productive way.

How to Overcome Loneliness

By abigail-butler | February 1, 2022 | Mental Health

There comes the point in everyone’s lives when the question of how to overcome loneliness becomes one of the most important problems. The feeling of being disconnected, alienated, and isolated can be brought about by many things. But, by pinpointing the specific circumstances that lead up to where you are, it’ll be much easier to resolve them. Keep reading to find out more.

Introverts vs. Extroverts – What Makes Them Different?

By abigail-butler | January 19, 2022 | Mental Health

You’ve likely heard the terms introversion and extroversion many times in your life, but do you know what they actually mean? What do these concepts represent, and what does being one of them say about you? Let’s untangle the never-ending confusion on introverts vs. extroverts and understand more about this psychological theory.

5 Signs You Are Outgrowing the People in Your Life

By abigail-butler | January 11, 2022 | Self-Care

Outgrowing people is when you start feeling like those whose company you used to enjoy no longer give you the same kind of happiness. It may be sad, but it’s also a sign that you need more out of life and the company you keep. If you suspect this may be happening to you, read on to learn about the five most common signs you’ve outgrown someone.

How to Prevent Burnout in the Workplace

By abigail-butler | January 10, 2022 | Self-Care

I vividly remember when I started a new position at the office. At that point, the term “leadership burnout” didn’t mean much to me. I was far too excited about the promotion to be aware of the stress eating me up inside. Learning how to prevent burnout for me came too late, once I was already tired, empty, and hollow.

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