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How we can work together

With increased confidence and support, our clients go on to experience healthier love, more fulfilling careers, and greater joy.

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At WOC Therapy, we take a holistic approach to healing, integrating traditional psychotherapy methods such as CBT with Reiki and Chakra healing to improve the mind/body connection. For those seeking deeper spiritual work, we offer healing circles exploring the ancient wisdom of plant medicines, which are facilitated at our Wellness Center in Valley Glen, CA.

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Individual Therapy

Starting $175 (sliding scale options available)

We work with teens 12-19 and women of all ages. Sessions are 50-minutes long.

  • Our highly skilled therapists will help you create a customized care plan. Clients who use a combination of therapy and energy healing see the best results.
  • We utilize a number of modalities from CBT to Somatic Therapy to help clients process anxiety, depression, relational conflict, and more. At the core of our work is our culturally competent approach which seeks to understand behavior in the context of social and environmental stressors.
  • Rather than unpacking what’s wrong with you, we want to understand what happened to you. How can we begin to address patterned behaviors with more compassion and grace?
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Starting $175

Reiki is a great way to release stress and alleviate negative blocks. Reiki’s gentle approach to healing helps to soothe the nervous system but can also be a powerful tool for bringing awareness to unbalanced energy sources (chakras) within the body.

What’s Included:

  • In this 50-minute session, you will work with a Reiki master to establish expectations for your healing journey. We will then answer any questions and invite you to set an intention for your reiki session.
  • You will be guided through a meditation that will allow you to relax and receive. Once the healing energy concludes, we will ground your energy into your body, utilizing breathwork and meditation to help reorient you to the present moment.
  • Following your session, you will have time to process your experience and ask any further questions. Your reiki healer will provide aftercare advice and tools to support your healing process. It is best to be hydrated both before and after an energy healing session, as hydration helps the energy flow with more ease.
A traditional tea setup with cups and a central burner on an ornate rug in Sherman Oaks, surrounded by an arrangement of palm leaves and crystals.

Healing Circles

WOC Wellness ceremonies are ideal for women who want to access higher levels of consciousness, increased self-awareness, and interpersonal insight.

Cacao Ceremony

Starting $65

In this ceremony, participants connect with the sacred cacao plant, which has roots in indigenous Mesoamerican cultures and has been used for centuries in spiritual and healing practices. The ceremony begins with preparing a special cacao elixir made from raw, organic cacao beans. This process can be seen as a symbolic ritual, with attention to intention and gratitude for the cacao plant’s gifts.

The gathering space is carefully arranged to create a safe and sacred environment. Elements such as candles, crystals, and symbolic objects may be used to evoke a deeper spiritual connection.

Cacao is believed to open the heart space and facilitate a deeper connection to oneself and others. It can also induce a state of relaxation and sometimes ecstatic movement.

A woman sitting cross-legged on a cushion, holding a therapy card, with a relaxed expression in a cozy, wood-paneled room.

Plant Ceremonies

Plant Ceremonies give clients a powerful opportunity to explore the most profound aspects of themselves.

WOC Wellness Center has partnered with The Light of Liberty Spiritualist Institute to offer plant medicine  ceremonies led by a certified medicine healer and psychedelic integration coach, Pavan Basra.

Allow us to provide you with the emotional clearing needed to move past any blocks so that you can return to your full power.


We must believe we are worthy of rest. We don’t have to earn it. It is our birthright, one of our most ancient and primal needs.

~Tricia Hersey