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Group of people practicing yoga therapy in a bright Sherman Oaks wellness center setting.

Corporate Wellness

We enhance employee success by providing tools for emotional mastery

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Companies that provide comprehensive mental wellness programs are more likely to retain employees.

Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy over $1 trillion in lost productivity yearly.

We partner with Employee Resource Groups to support the diverse needs of your team.


Our interactive workshops focus on mindfulness techniques, stress management, and emotional resilience. We teach employees practical skills to manage stress, improve focus, and promote work-life balance.

A woman meditating with her eyes closed and fingers in a mudra position in Valley Glen, California.

Stress Reduction

Employees will gain valuable tools that promote relaxation, enhance focus, and improve overall productivity.

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A business presentation in a Sherman Oaks office with large windows overlooking the city, featuring a standing woman addressing three seated colleagues.

Leadership Development

Employees will learn skills for overcoming imposter syndrome and leveraging their skillset to ensure more inclusive leadership pipelines.

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A woman wearing a red hat smiles in a room at a wellness center with other people out of focus in the foreground and background.

Lunchtime Talks

Employees will have access to virtual or in-person lunchtime seminars tailored to the specific needs of employee resource groups.

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Group of people practicing yoga as therapy with focus on a woman in the foreground in a meditation pose.


On or off-site day retreats are available to employees, which include yoga, meditation, energy healing, and breath work.

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