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Mental Health and Wellness for Womxn of Color

Womxn of Color Therapy is a thriving mental health and wellness community uniquely designed for teens and women of color.  We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing space where our clients can feel seen and supported throughout their healing journey.

The women we support go on to pursue their dream careers, experience deeper and more meaningful relationships, and learn ways to manage stress more effectively.

We believe that self-compassion and authentic connections with people are the most effective tools for healing. Our team of therapists leads with being human by using the art of storytelling and shared experiences to guide your healing.

We believe that pain that isn’t transformed, is transmitted and leads to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Only until you begin to love yourself, can you truly love others. This is the only path to individual and collective healing.

We look forward to helping you thrive and live your best life!

We Provide…



We provide individual (in-person and online) therapy services for womxn and teens. Sessions are 50 minutes long and range from $160-$250. Sliding scale fees are available on a limited basis.



We offer a series of personal growth workshops for womxn who struggle with anxiety, burnout, motherhood, and co-dependency. Workshops are self-paced and available online and in-person.



Are you feeling stuck in your professional life? We use design thinking principles to help professionals and therapists remove mental blocks and build thriving businesses.

“Sometimes we need a story more than food”

It is in the telling of your story that you heal. Each telling reveals a new insight and opens your heart wider, making room for the possibility of forgiveness. WOC Therapy utilizes both a narrative and cognitive-behavioral approach to help womxn like you…

1) Fact-check the faulty stories you tell yourself.

2) Create more empowering stories that will transform your wounds into wisdom.


We Listen, Observe, Validate, and Engage our clients.


We inspire through the art of storytelling and the power of shared experience.


We connect people to the resources they need to make more empowered choices.

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We’re so excited that you’re here!

Have a quick question? Send us a request using the chat box below and someone will reply shortly! We know that reaching out for therapy can be difficult. Perhaps you’re exploring your options and doing a bit of research. The Resource page is a great place to start. It offers helpful links for coping with a variety of mental health challenges. Be sure to subscribe to WOC Reflections to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox!


Tamika Lewis


counselor for women

Skeptical about therapy? Not sure if it’s right for you or if it will actually work? I honestly felt the same way before meeting Tamika; whether you’re going through a tough period in life or just wanting to get more in tune with yourself and live your best life…Tamika delivers. She is passionate about her work and makes you feel comfortable and safe. She feels more like a friend than a therapist and you walk away from the session feeling relieved and lifted. Thank you Tamika for being you and putting so much compassion and care in what you do

Gunjan N.

As a woman of color, it was extremely important to me to find someone who understood my day to day life experiences. I not only found that with WOC Therapy, but specifically with Tamika. I found an educated, kind, understanding, and incredibly helpful therapist who has been by my side during one of the most significant changes in my life.

I am truly grateful for WOC Therapy and Tamika Lewis! Thank you!!!

L.A. C.

Tamika took me on as a client at the height of the pandemic. I knew that I needed more emotional balance with the unforeseen events of the pandemic, racial unrest movement, and a very eventful political campaign. I knew talking to a woman who looked liked me would help with carrying the load of 2020 and going forward. I had no clue how bad it would get but the only thing that pulled me through was knowing that I would be able to release so many emotions on a biweekly basis. I knew I needed someone that could see me when I couldn’t see myself and help guide my through what felt like a never ending emotional rollercoaster. I am so grateful for Tamika and all that she does to be in support of black women by helping to keep us mentally balanced and emotionally aware! She has a way of holding me accountable of my thoughts and feelings that I appreciate so much. So grateful for finding Dr. Tamika Lewis!

Corene L.

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