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Mental Health and Wellness
for Womxn of Color

WOC Therapy Inc. is a mental health and wellness community that helps womxn of color heal from personal and inter-generational trauma. Womxn of color are rising in bold and beautiful ways, and yet we are still disproportionately affected by higher rates of depression, anxiety, and physical illness.

The women that we support go on to pursue their dream careers, experience deeper and more meaningful relationships, and learn ways to more effectively manage stress.

We believe that self-compassion and authentic connections with people are the most effective tools for healing. Our team of therapists lead with being human by using the art of storytelling
and shared experiences to guide your healing. 

We believe that pain that isn’t transformed, is transmitted and leads to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Only until you begin to love yourself, can you truly love others. This is the only path to individual and collective healing.

We look forward to helping you thrive and live your best life!


We Provide…



We provide individual (in-person and online) therapy services for womxn and teens. Sessions are 50-minutes long and range from $140-$200. Sliding scale fees available on limited basis.



We offer a series of personal growth classes for womxn who struggle with anxiety, burnout, and co-dependency. Classes are self-paced and available online and in-person.



Feeling stuck in your professional life? We use design thinking principles to help professionals and therapists remove mental blocks and build thriving businesses.

“Sometimes we need a story more than food”

It is in the telling of your story that you heal. Each telling reveals a new insight and opens your heart wider, making room for the possibility of forgiveness. WOC Therapy utilizes both a narrative and cognitive-behavioral approach to help womxn like you…
1) Fact-check the faulty stories you tell yourself.
2) Create more empowering stories that will transform your wounds into wisdom.


We Listen, Observe, Validate, and Engage our clients.


We inspire through the art of storytelling and the power of shared experience.


We connect people to the resources they need to make more empowered choices.


We’re so excited that you’re here!

Have a quick question? Send us a request using the chat box below and someone will reply shortly!  We know that reaching out for therapy can be difficult.  Perhaps you’re exploring your options and doing a bit of research.  The Resource page is a great place to start. It offers helpful links for coping with a variety of mental health challenges.  Be sure to subscribe to WOC Reflections to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox!


Tamika Lewis


“OMG, where do I begin? Tamika is the best. I’ve been seeing her for about a year and she’s so easy to talk too. I get so excited every time I see her. She gives great advice and really does care for her clients. I am so lucky to know a wonderful soul like Tamika.”

A. L.

“There are a few people I meet who can make me feel so confident in what I’m doing in the world. Tamika is one of those people for me. As I was building my dream business, I struggled with confidence since I didn’t have a college degree or any fancy certifications. Tamika was able to gently guide me and highlight my strengths, so I could get over my self-doubts that we’re blocking me.”

J. S.

“As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and colleague of Tamika’s, I have witnessed firsthand her passion for helping people, especially women. Tamika provides a high-quality level of support to all she comes in contact with and she is truly an inspirational and resilient woman.”

M. B.

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