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Emotional Support

Emotional support is one of the biggest gifts that we can give someone.

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It provides people the reassurance they need in times of trouble and sends a message of love and belonging.  Read on to find out what emotional support entails and how you can express it or benefit from it.

What Is Emotional Support and What Kind of Relationship Is Needed for It?

This broad notion denotes the ability to show kindness, empathy, love, and compassion and thus make someone feel better in their own skin. This kind of remedy comes from different sources and can have varying manifestations, such as verbal expressions or physical gestures.

Emotional support comes from all imaginable and unimaginable sources, so there’s no point in trying to narrow it down to one definition. It can be anything from spiritual guidance to spending quality time with your pet. Rather than dissecting the term, take a look at what examples you can relate to or learn from.

What Are Examples of Emotional Support?

Rather than giving specific examples, we’ll tackle categories that are illustrative of supportive behaviors. What you can do is:

  • Show validation – Trampling on someone’s problems is a sure way to make them shut down for good. So, try to be understanding and show empathy without giving any opinion, advice, or judgment,
  • Use a friendly tone – Sometimes, your listener can detect the hidden meaning behind your words if your intonation doesn’t suit what you’re uttering,
  • Body language can make a difference, too – Don’t cross your arms and don’t frown, look straight in the eyes of your interlocutor, and embrace the value of touch,
  • Focus and be present – People can sense whether someone genuinely cares or not, and that’ll be the number one predictor of your success in a loving relationship.

How Does Women of Color Therapy Include Emotional Support in Therapy Sessions?

Our experienced therapists constantly explore ways in which to support clients through emotional pain. Our mental health experts are impartial and allow the client time to connect reach their own conclusions and solutions instead of offering advice. Still, our therapists are invaluable for those people who, due to various reasons, feel a lack of trust towards people or are inhibited to show it in their relationship.

Therapy Can Give You Insight Into Support Mechanisms In Your Personal and Professional Life

Regardless of whether you’re in a dark place in your professional or personal life, resources like Therapy for Black Girls and Women of Color Therapy can give you hope and the opportunity to heal past painful wounds. Therapists with Women of Color therapy can help you see clearly what your responsibilities and needs are, which can facilitate further work and mental health progress.

How to Show You’re Supportive of Your Partner or Friend and Trigger the Same Response?

Women of color often come to us because they stumble upon dissatisfaction in the workplace or from a partner or friend. Our task is to show you how to build distress tolerance and manage your emotions during these challenges.  Using a plethora of methods, as well as encouragement to empathize and trade shoes, our therapists are committed to helping you find peace with yourself and others.

You as a Member of a Company’s Workforce

Now, this is Pandora’s box that can be viewed from numerous perspectives. Still, if you feel unaccepted by your boss or colleagues, therapy or coaching can help bring you clarity. How?
They can help you explore whether a new harmony and balance that would make both sides content can be reached and how, or whether a toxic environment must be left.

On the other hand, if you’re a struggling entrepreneur, we at Women of Color Therapy Inc. might also help you grow and understand what is holding you back from your desired profits, success, and achievement of your dreams.

A Therapist Can Validate Your Feelings and Help Improve Your Quality of Life

For women of color, all of these have an added meaning since challenges in the professional and personal sphere may only be exacerbated by our skin color. A culturally sensitive therapist might understand where your problems stem from and know how to give you guidance on building your new best self. Having someone of the same background is a huge advantage, especially in a racially-charged society such as ours.

If you need emotional support, fill out the quick questionnaire that is completely confidential and can help us recommend services. Our therapists offer online and in-person sessions, as well as informative consultations, so you’ll be covered whatever your preferences are.