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March 8, 2021

Ultimate Self Care Tips for Women of Color

We often hear this phrase nowadays, but we don’t always know how to apply it in our day-to-day life. Learning and incorporating some useful self-care tips into our everyday routines can do us a world of good and help us overcome mental health problems like depression and anxiety or become the best version of ourselves. Read on to find out all you can do to give the most important person in your life, – you, of course – the inspiration to win and withstand challenges.

This concept has been defined in numerous ways, but whichever definition you choose, you’ll see it stands for tools and habits people develop that aid them in achieving personal and professional success. It’s not as simple as treating yourself, but it’s connected to keeping balance in all areas of your life. And how does one accomplish that complex task?

What Are the Four Categories of Self Care?

Before we dig into self-care ideas for women, you need to know that this broad notion covers four key aspects of our personal wellbeing. And those are: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Numerous studies have shown that they’re all interconnected and that frustration in one realm leads to dissatisfaction in the others. So, if you want to learn how to deal with stress and acquire healthy habits, you must pay attention to what you do in all four areas.

Practice Routines to Boost Your Physical Wellbeing

In order to feel happy and ready to seize what the day brings, you must give some thought and plan to your body. Most people are apprehensive about this because they believe it always consists of some rigid set patterns you must follow, which is why they give up. However, the great thing is that you can program your routines according to your schedule and preferences and even enjoy having them on your to-do list.

Exercise Every Day or at Least Twice a Week

If you’re not a gym person, no problem. You can always try power walking or a simple stroll. If you want more, join a dance class, and you’ll get two friends with one gift, since music is known to have soothing effects on your brain and stimulate the hormones of happiness. And in case you’re stuck at home because of family or work obligations, you can always download some cool apps that will give you the kick you need. So, make a move, literally, and you’ll feel much better.

Meditation Can Be a Key to Understanding Your Inner Life Better

Long-term meditation is proven to help those who practice it change focus and thus change their entire life. In the end, it’s only what we think it is, so why not focus on yourself?

Meditation can be practiced in numerous ways, but some of the most popular ones are:

  • Breathing exercises – They can help you combat stress immediately,
  • Visualizers – You’ll realize how many feelings you can actually control If you practice visualizing and include the other senses in your mind’s eye,
  • Yoga – A total winner in all feel-good suggestions, yoga is the perfect combination of all your body needs.

Stick to Healthy Sleep and Eating Habits

Sleep is one of the major triggers of stress if you lack it or if you generally have a hard time getting enough sleep. Remember that it’s paramount to have a schedule in this aspect and stick to it regardless of how tempting getting to finally binge your favorite sitcom or play a game you like can be after midnight.

Eating also plays a role since you need fuel to function fully. You don’t have to count the calories for every meal, but you should try to eat vegetables, fruit, and snacks that are good for your health at least once a day.

Embrace Your Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of our existence, but we need to know how to take the upper hand, accept all feelings and let go of those that do us no good. For women of color, it can all quickly become too much, having to deal with hate, negative media portrayal, wage disparity, and the general position of black women in the workplace that is almost never favorable. But, you can still go great guns and emerge victoriously.

Love Yourself First

The self-care checklist is a waste of time if you don’t take this with you. Self-love means you should know how to value and work on yourself regardless of other people’s expectations. Easier said than done, but practice saying no and setting boundaries you’re comfortable with, and you’ll see improvements that can only lead to your wellbeing.

Spend Quality Time With Positive People

Connection with people is what everyone wants, but it’s not always easy. Level with yourself and think about which family members and friends make you feel good. Try to spend more time with them and don’t be scared to do something creative or something that is not in your comfort zone. Your friends can inspire you to seek the answer to the question of how can I motivate myself to take care of myself, and they can also provide you with the necessary support to recover and move on.

Always Try to Give Your Mind New Food for Thought

Your mind needs to grow, too, while you learn how to handle emotions and boost happiness with your body. There are countless ways in which you can improve here, but make sure you do it. You can visit museums, galleries, and theatres or read and watch movies. Just don’t let your beliefs become set in stone because they only hold meaning as long as they’re being redefined.

Join a Course

Be it ancient Roman history, calligraphy, cooking, creative writing, or birdwatching, it doesn’t matter as long as you find meaning in learning about the chosen field. And it can also become one of the most profitable things to do for self-care because when you truly love something, doors keep opening for you.

Learn More About Mental Health and Wellness

Try looking up different resources on the topic and see what can be beneficial for you. Though some platforms sometimes discuss mental health problems, avoid them while you’re new to it all to reduce the negative impact of social media. You’ll find more than one good trick as well as practical tips elsewhere.

Spirituality Is a Gift You Can Learn

The soul is different for each individual and culture, but there are things you can do to increase your overall satisfaction with life. Philosophy and literature may offer guidance on matters that transcend time, but our list is a shortcut to feeling better immediately.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Human beings are storytelling creatures; there’s no arguing that. So why not try to tell your story and all the beautiful things in it in a journal? It might be difficult at first if you’re going through a tough period, but practice makes perfect. Even Lady Gaga reported it helped her through her darkest hours.

Practice Being Present in the Moment

Learning how to calm yourself down can get easier if you learn to hush the voices of past and future problems. Anticipating negative outcomes is a trap we all fall into, but if you live in the present and learn to cherish it, you’ll worry less.

Where Do I Start in Self Care?

Every moment is a new beginning, but sometimes it can be hard to start. These are self-care things to do for believers in plot twists and those who are making the first step.

Introduce New Changes Every Week

It happens to everyone, but sometimes we bore ourselves out. And it happens if out of all the amazing options, we choose to do one and the same thing on and on. If you’re busy and overwhelmed, introduce a teeny-tiny novelty, like a five-minute walk or a healthy treat you prepared, and try to add to this wave of optimism as weeks go by.

Try a Self Care Challenge

Many apps you can download for free, like the 21-day challenge, can offer ideas in all areas we’ve discussed. This is a fun and interactive way to start and accomplish goals as you go.

Therapy for Black Girls and Women Can Help You Learn More Self Care Tips

If you opt for professional assistance from a black therapist, make sure you know the difference between a therapist and a psychologist, and read tips about how to choose a therapist and how to prepare for your first therapy appointment. This will all give you clues on what to expect, and a therapist for black women can help you understand what strategies work best for you and how you can live to the fullest with the tools that are already in you.