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Reaching Out for Help as a Woman of Color

Mental health struggles, particularly depression and suicidal ideation, are significant challenges that affect individuals from all walks of life. Unfortunately, women of color often face unique barriers that can make reaching out for help even more challenging. Here, we will explore the critical importance of breaking the silence surrounding mental health, especially for women of color who are at a higher risk for depression and suicidal ideation. We will delve into the intersectionality of mental and physical health, dispel myths around minority resilience, and emphasize the importance of seeking help despite societal pressures and financial constraints.

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Why Black Excellence is not Enough.

Only a few days into the new year, women of color, specifically Black women, were met with what felt like a direct attack and harrowing reminder that no one is safe from racism deeply embedded in the United States. The resignation of Harvard University’s first Black president Claudine Gay is a story that is too familiar for WOC. She was forced to resign due to accusations of plagiarism and criticism of her response to antisemitism on campus. 

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Embracing Intentions Over Resolutions: A New Year’s Shift Towards Sustainable Growth

As the calendar flips to a new year, the air buzzes with the fervor of resolutions. However, amidst the excitement of setting ambitious goals, there’s a hidden truth we often overlook—the transient nature of resolutions and their potential harm to our mental well-being. This year, let’s consider an alternative approach—shifting from resolutions to setting intentions for the new year.

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Celebrating Body Neutrality: Embracing Joyful Eating During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of warmth, joy, and connection, yet for many, it’s also a period of heightened concern about food and body image.

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Navigating Disorganized Attachment in Relationships

Attachment styles play a profound role in shaping our connections with others, influencing how we approach intimacy and trust in relationships.

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Self-Regulating During the Holidays

The holidays, with their joyful gatherings and merry celebrations, often bring a mixed bag of emotions. While they can be a time of warmth and connection, they also frequently usher in stress, overstimulation, and tension.

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