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Why Black Excellence is not Enough.

Only a few days into the new year, women of color, specifically Black women, were met with what felt like a direct attack and harrowing reminder that no one is safe from racism deeply embedded in the United States. The resignation of Harvard University’s first Black president Claudine Gay is a story that is too familiar for WOC. She was forced to resign due to accusations of plagiarism and criticism of her response to antisemitism on campus. 

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Embracing Intentions Over Resolutions: A New Year’s Shift Towards Sustainable Growth

As the calendar flips to a new year, the air buzzes with the fervor of resolutions. However, amidst the excitement of setting ambitious goals, there’s a hidden truth we often overlook—the transient nature of resolutions and their potential harm to our mental well-being. This year, let’s consider an alternative approach—shifting from resolutions to setting intentions for the new year.

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Honoring Stolen Land

Being connected to the earth and taking care of it is an important part of being a healthy and connected […]

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Keeping Long Term Friendships Healthy

Friendship, the often-underestimated treasure of our lives, is like a delicate plant that needs nurturing, care, and patience to thrive. […]

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Building Connection in an Intercultural Relationship

In the modern world, love knows no borders. Intercultural relationships, born out of shared interests, passions, or simply fate, have […]

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The Right to Rest

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the significance of taking a break often gets lost in the race […]

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