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How to Navigate Dating While Working on Yourself?

Personal relationships are a priority for many of us. However, while chasing after their soulmate, women often forget to nurture […]

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How to Know When to Change Therapists

The success rate of therapy is around 85%, which means 15% of people going on sessions don’t see any progress. […]

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How to Deal With All the Bad in the World When it Bogs You Down?

The world has gone crazy. At least it feels that way sometimes. We never imagined all the stress that would […]

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How to Know the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack

If you’ve ever experienced episodes of intense fear, sadness, and hopelessness, there is a chance you’re suffering from panic or […]

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For Women of Color, Getting Proper Mental Health Treatment Is a Challenge

Women of color face big challenges when trying to get treatment for mental health issues. But change is underway. From […]

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When to Walk Away From a Relationship – Signs It’s Time to Leave

We have all heard the saying, “maybe love is not enough”. This sentence often proves to be true in real […]

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