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November 12, 2021

6 Sure Signs You Are Having a Mid Twenties Crisis

The question isn’t whether you’ll experience a mid-twenties crisis or not, but rather when exactly it will happen. This isn’t a new concept, and according to Guardian, 86% of people between the ages of twenty and thirty question their life choices, relationships, and finances. What exactly is a mid-twenties life crisis, and what are the sure signs you have it? Read on to find out.

By now, you’ve probably realized that the answer to the question: Is it possible to have a midlife crisis at 25 is an absolute yes. This might bring you an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt, but if you know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of this early life crisis, it will be much easier to learn how to deal with the stress that this mess brings.

What Is the Mid-20s Crisis?

We’ve all heard about mid-life crises, but what are mid-twenties? It manifests a bit differently from buying a bike and wearing leather jackets. This is a change that happens in your twenties when the sudden uncertainty of the future hits you, and you start questioning your decisions. You’ve recently graduated, working your first job, maybe just moved, and trying to maintain relationships with your partner, friends, and family. This period is full of decisions and changes, and it is more than likely that you’ll start experiencing uncertainty and doubt about everything you have or haven’t achieved so far.

What Are the Signs of a Quarter-Life Crisis?

Is a quarter-life crisis a thing? You might think that it is not until it crawls into your life. Even with the best self-care tips for avoiding work stress and the negative impact of social media, this “mid-life crisis in the twenties” can happen to you. Fighting it is much more difficult if you don’t know its exact signs. As always in life, it’s best to know your enemy before you start dealing with it.

#1 Of the Symptoms of a Mid-Twenties Crisis Is Experiencing Anxiety About Almost Everything

Are you anxious by nature, and you already have established mechanisms to calm down once the anxiety symptoms surface? If that is not the case, and you started being anxious after you turned twenty, keep in mind that it could be one of the symptoms. Stress is inevitable these days, but unnecessary stress can eat you up from inside. If you don’t have any real reasons to be anxious, but you can’t escape that feeling, you are probably getting the first symptom of this issue.

#2 You Feel Unmotivated Every Single Day

If you feel unmotivated sometimes, that’s completely normal. We all have those days. But if you notice that not a day goes by that you don’t experience a lack of motivation, inspiration, and fulfillment, it is one of the signs of this issue. Pay attention to how you are treating important things in your life, and if you notice that you are putting in minimal effort, know that you are having one of the symptoms.

#3 You Don’t Think That Any Options You Have Are a Good Choice

This is a very common symptom in women of color experiencing depression. You’re young, and you have plenty of options, but suddenly none of them are good enough. You think that it would be great to pick something and stick to it, but you are afraid that nothing will bring you fulfillment. And then you are back at the start. On the flip side, this also applies to the commitments you already have. All of a sudden, the Ph.D., career, or partner you chose aren’t good enough, and you are thinking about finding new ones.

This can come from the fact that you’re still unsure of knowing who you are as a person and what would be best for you, so you have a need to refrain from committing to one definite choice. After all, it takes a lifetime to get to know yourself.

Having a Mid-Twenties Crisis Sometimes Feels Like Being in a Trap With No Escape

One of the challenges of women of color in the workplace and in personal relationships in their twenties is the sensation of no escape, no matter what we do. This struggle with yourself can be pretty exhausting, and whenever it comes to making a decision, you might feel trapped. This can often lead to panic, depression, and even anxiety attacks.

#4 A Characteristic of These Crises Is That You’re Often Tired and Overworked

This doesn’t have to mean that you are working sixty or more hours a week, but you may feel like you are. This can stem from bad time management skills when you are constantly late for your tasks, or you are simply working a job you don’t like. However, it can also be a sign of emotional exhaustion that has nothing to do with how much you actually work. This sign is very much connected to the lack of motivation we mentioned above.

#5 You Always Compare Yourself to Others

Regardless of whether you know the person or not, an urge to compare your life to someone else’s is a sign you should pay attention to. This happens to everyone from time to time, but if it’s becoming an unhealthy habit and you do it every day, it can cause serious issues down the road.

Social Media Is Very Popular, Which Easily Leads to a Quarter-Life Crisis

At this point in life, many people start experiencing pressure that they should have accomplished more by now. Once you get on social media, you see that others have already done what you haven’t, and it makes you feel like you’re falling behind. It could be a career achievement or something more personal, such as buying a home, getting engaged, married, or having a child. Seeing such things on social media can make you unhappy even if you maybe don’t have any idea whether or not you want to get married and have kids. One of the crucial self-care ideas is spending less time on Instagram and Facebook. It’s healthier, and it helps you avoid this discontent about your own life.

#6 You Over Analyze Your Decisions and Regret Things From the Past

Do you often catch yourself thinking about something you’ve done and start imagining what it would be like if you had made a different move? Do you think that if you listened to someone’s advice, you’d be better off now? Are you putting your every action under scrutiny, no matter how small or irrelevant it is? Then you are looking at another symptom of this issue. Overthinking and overanalyzing your actions and regretting that you didn’t do something differently in the past is the core of this issue. It all comes from the uncertainty of your current situation and an unclear vision of your future.

If You’re Experiencing the Signs of a Midlife Crisis at 20, Don’t Be Afraid to Search for Help

So, what can you do if you have been experiencing all or most of the signs we listed? Women’s counseling is one of the options. There’s no need to ask yourself if therapy works.

It’s only a question of how to choose a therapist. It’s no secret that your first therapy appointment might be a bit awkward, but it certainly won’t be unpleasant. Scheduling therapy is the best way to power through this bad period.

Women of Color Therapy offers counseling for women you are searching for – get in touch with us and see why therapy for women of color is a great way to help you heal. Women of Color Therapy workshops are also beneficial for the things you are experiencing.