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February 25, 2021

How to Calm Yourself Down Quickly When Feelings Overwhelm You

When the pressure of life gets us down, we often find ourselves wondering how we got into that situation and questioning our actions. Negative feelings impact different people in so many ways, but knowing some useful techniques and learning how to calm yourself down is the first step towards attaining self-control and general happiness. This post aims to reveal some valuable strategies you can employ when feelings overwhelm you and blur your focus.

Since you are reading this article, it means you are already willing to learn something new about yourself and improve your quality of life, and that’s admirable. Patience is the key to any battle, so give yourself time to test out different strategies and see what works for you.

How Do I Calm Myself Down From Anxiety?

If you want to learn how to deal with stress on a daily basis, understanding the origins of anxiety, its causes and manifestations is crucial. Knowing how our minds work can help us see through mechanisms behind seemingly irrational behavior and aid us in the process of healing. So, you should know upfront that anxiety is not your fault and that what you’re feeling is a perfectly normal, inbuilt reaction of our body when it finds itself in danger or threat. The problem arises when, due to many factors, our system raises alarm without a real reason. That’s when we start questioning our senses, health, and entire futures. But, now that you know this, you can make a step in the right direction and develop coping mechanisms.

Man looking at the window
It’s easier if you know how these things happen

How Do I Calm Down NatSettingsurally?

Now that we’ve covered the general part, we can get to some real tips and tricks. There are many ways that can help you that don’t include taking medication. And, though there’s nothing wrong with taking those in agreement with professional therapists, you should know that there’s an abundance of other options to try. Right, so what can you do when things go south?

Just Keep Breathing

Breathing exercises are superb in helping our mind refocus and realize everything will be alright. They alleviate tension off our muscles and do us a world of good. You can try the basic one: sitting down in a comfortable position, breathing in through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth for a minute. Or you could go for more advanced ones that you can find all over the Internet. Whatever you choose to do here, it’s essential to be persistent and practice breathing at least once a day, not only when you are feeling bad.

Body Scan Is Good for Your Mental Health

One of the self-care ideas for women and ways to learn how to calm yourself from anxiety is to find a position you feel comfortable in and do a body scan. This technique means you’re breathing with your eyes closed and trying to alleviate the pressure starting from the top of your head and working your way down to the soles of your feet. Areas in which you feel the stress or muscle tension should be relieved, and you should explain to your system that at that moment, there’s no threat or danger so you can fully relax.

A woman sitting and relaxing
There are many ways to advance your mental health naturally

Make Your Body Feel Safe and Loved

In moments of physical instability, it can be quite helpful to resort to some basic body-love gestures and actions that can help you instantly gain confidence. You know your body best, so don’t just ignore its voice! Listen to what it demands; be it food, drinks, fresh air, or something else. Here are some tricks that can never do you harm.

Take a Walk

Getting yourself in motion by taking walks and listening to music is a recipe that can help you relax. Not only will you separate from the surroundings that triggered negative emotions in the first place, but you’ll also be able to put your problems into perspective. Taking the time to include walks in your daily routine will pay off in the long run as well since this healthy habit can get the stress out of your system.

Self Soothing Actions to Make Each Day a Season of Goodwill

Our organisms are trained to relieve danger by self-soothing actions and looking for other people’s touch from our infancy. Hugs not only make us feel better, but they also reduce heart-disease risk and depression levels. There are also other techniques in this realm, such as the 10-second wall push. If you push your flat palms against the wall repeatedly, you can gain balance and restore peace of mind too.

Woman in a forest
Walk your way out of the blue

How Can I Destress Myself Instantly?

Though we all want some magic wands to erase all our problems, the thing is, there’s no one simple formula that works for everyone. The hardest bit of our lives is accepting our past and present, our identities and choices, and our role in it all. This process takes a lot of thought, time, and test-try, so when the going gets tough, you’ll know out of all these and other techniques what you should rely on. Yet, there’s one thing that is a prerequisite for success, and we’re about to talk about it.

Challenge Your Views if You’re Boxed In

Nobody is going through hard times with absolute confidence and an excellent opinion about themselves. It’s the little voices in our heads that can tell us some mean stuff and project other people’s views (often falsely) to diminish our strengths. But the good thing is that we can change the narrative. Remember all the times you were proud of yourself and keep repeating the mantra until you really start believing you’re a great person merely going through a rough patch.

Quote on a wall
Stress can be reduced if you adopt a different mindset

How to Calm Yourself During a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are moments in which we feel like we lost control and start exhibiting frantic behavior. They’re incredibly unpleasant and leave us dazed and just fearing their next strike. But, if you know how they come about (as we said above, they occur due to some complex unresolved issues in the realm of the subconscious that take this veiled manifestation in realis) and that they’re harmless for your physical health, you’ll be ready to fight them. So, what can you do?

Remember You Can Combat an Episode Like This

Knowing you are capable of having a duel with your opponent is crucial. Don’t let it tire you and take your love of life from you; try out all you can think of and see what works best for you. Some common techniques include:

  • Focus on an object – Be it something you can squeeze, rub, or touch, this technique can guide us in finding temporary relief from stress,
  • Visualize – Visualise yourself in a nice place where something you like is taking place,
  • Shout to a friend or family member – We do get by with a little push from our friends, so you never know.
Man and woman holding hands
You can’t go wrong if you talk to someone

How to Calm Yourself – Long-Term Goals

Someone once said that you couldn’t do the same things and expect different results. And in this case, it’s true. Once the immediate problem is solved, don’t wait for it to show up again with your arms crossed. You can’t become someone else overnight, but you can introduce small steps that can lead to significant changes. Here are some ideas:

  • Eating and sleeping schedules – We all want to look and be our best so putting extra work here is paramount,
  • Reach out – If you can’t talk to friends, find a circle or a hobby. Find a volunteer gig or anything that can get you among some people,
  • Try out black girl therapy – Many people wonder does therapy work, but you’ll never know what your opinion is if you don’t give it a shot.
Coffee on top of a planner
Learning how to calm yourself down from anxiety and stress is a lengthy process, and black therapist can be of great help

Therapy Can Help Put Things Into Perspective

Not until we let go of our past will we truly heal. And perhaps black female therapists and African American counselors can understand all you are going through. The first therapy appointment is always scary because you don’t want to open up to strangers, and you are waiting to see whether you can rely on your therapist on your way. Still, you should know that they’re fully licensed to do therapy for black girls and that you can trust them. There are trained professionals who can help you go about how to choose a therapist, and the only thing you should remember is never to give up on your happiness.