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May 20, 2022

5 Benefits of Reiki Therapy

Reiki is not some new-age novelty but an energy healing technique that has been practiced for more than 2,500 years. There are many benefits of Reiki therapy since it focuses on a person’s mind, body and spirit. If you’re wondering what you can achieve with this treatment, we covered everything you need to know.

Reiki Therapy or Energy Transfer Between a Practitioner and a Patient

Reiki massage is a form of alternative medicine that strives for equilibrium and balance recovery through the process of channeling energy. It’s an ancient Japanese technique that gained popularity in the 20th century with the teaching of Mikao Usui. The name Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei (universal) and qi (life force).

It is believed that the vital energy is transferred through the practitioner’s hand to a client’s body, who then can reach inner balance. Although we talk about Reiki massage benefits, keep in mind that these treatments don’t hold the traditional meaning of the massages since there is no high pressure involved. Rather than that, a Reiki practitioner relies on a shift between a light touch and no touch at all.

#1 Stress Reduction and Mood Improvement Are the Most Noticeable Benefits of a Reiki Session

It is known that reducing tension can positively affect your mental and emotional well-being, but studies show that lower stress levels can allow you even to heal better. Although there may be some disagreements between practitioners and skeptics about the possible reach of these treatments, one thing is certain – this gentle massage will help you become more relaxed and, simultaneously, less stressed. The main goal is to stimulate energy flow around the client’s body. This process can break an energy block caused by physical or emotional pain.

When you decide to book your first therapy appointment, you’ll be comfortably seated in a peaceful room, where a practitioner will position their hands on the specific areas of your body – it’s the reason why this massage is also called hands-on or palm healing. The whole process can last up to 90 minutes and leave you feeling relaxed and grounded. The number of sessions depends on the problems the client faces as well as a goal they want to accomplish.

#2 This Massage Can Help With Mental Health Issues Such as Fatigue, Anxiety, and Depression

The mental health crisis women of color face cannot be ignored. Dealing with racism, unfair practices, racial and gender microaggressions, and the negative impact of social media have all led to a more prominent connection between black women and depression.

Certain studies have shown that major depression cases are more often among African-American and Mexican, for example than among white women. This technique can help you deal with all the bad in the world and possibly reduce your anxiety symptoms by releasing you from all the negativity within.

Reaching the Perfect Balance Over Time Is the Ultimate Goal of Reiki Session

Reiki healing benefits all are centered around the idea of equilibrium and harmony. Relationship and work stress and emotional or physical trauma can lead to burnout and severe cases of mental exhaustion. By allowing vital force into your body through the practitioner’s hands, some of that tension can be elevated, and your mind can be re-centered. Simultaneously, it helps you deal with stress by focusing your mind away from past mistakes and future problems and on current events.

#3 These Types of Therapies Can Reduce Pain

Reiki practitioners see a person as a whole – spirit, body, and mind altogether. They also believe that bodies cannot heal completely if they’re exposed to tension and pressure, and that goes both for the emotional and physical states. We mentioned that this massage could impact anxiety and other mental issues, but that is not all.

Some people who have undergone these types of treatments claim that this massage can even relieve physical pain, so it is advised as an excellent addition to the usual medical care people with chronic diseases get. Moreover, reaching a balance and near-natural state should improve your circulation, heart rate, bold pressure, and the like.

Although you can’t use it as a substitute for the appropriate medical treatment, people who have tried it claim they sense relief from their chronic issues, such as:

  • Pain caused by cancer and cancer treatments,
  • Other types of chronic pains, such as migraines and back problems,
  • Digestive issues,
  • Parkison’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders,
  • Nausea,

Remember that Reiki practitioners don’t use magic to cure disease with a light touch. Rather than that, this massage balances the body and mind of a person and reduces tension levels and the negative energy they are experiencing. Infertility issues, for example, are often connected to the stress and anxiety a person is feeling. By reducing them, this massage can calm you down.

Reiki Is a Good Solution When You Show Insomnia Symptoms

Other common tension-related chronic issues are sleep disorders. Since Reiki provides you with a sense of deep relaxation and can relieve you from tensions caused by everyday life, it can also improve your sleep habits. Moreover, many people not only claimed that they slept better after the massage but were even able to sleep during the session!

#4 It Can Get You to Clear Your Mind and Gain a Positive Perspective

Without all the pressure and tension smothering you, you’ll feel more at peace and will be able to think clearer. Sometimes it’s all that it takes so we can prevent burnout or simply move forward with our lives. At the same time, by elevating a person’s mood and cleansing a spirit from negativity, Reiki helps you gain a more positive attitude towards life.

Once you choose a therapist and try out this approach, you’ll start to feel more calm and centered, with better mental clarity and fewer mood swings. On top of that, practitioners of this technique believed that negative emotions such as anger or fear could result from blocked energy. Therefore, a therapist can clear energy passageways, which will result in getting rid of these feelings.

#5 Reiki Can Boost Your Self-Healing Abilities

This treatment is not an invasive type of alternative medicine such as acupuncture. One of the main postulates of its practitioners is to allow the person to heal within. During these sessions, improvement doesn’t come from any kind of medicine or other external sources. Rather than that, a practitioner is thought to unblock the qi passageways and let the qi flow through you, as it naturally should. Regaining that balance is the first step in your self-healing process.

Consider Reiki an Important Part of Your Mental Health Self-Care Treatment

Reiki should be practiced even before more serious symptoms occur. Instead of waiting for your emotional and physical pain to get more severe, this massage, alongside other treatments such as women’s counseling, can help you prevent them to a certain point. In combination with other types of therapies, there is no denying that it can do wonders for your well-being. If you want to take care of yourself properly, Reiki should become an essential part of your self-care routine.

Does Reiki Work?

Many people are skeptical about Reiki’s advantages, and the lack of scientific proof does not go in favor of this ancient kind of treatment. The question of whether therapy works can rely on whether you believe in it – the more you believe, the better effects you’ll witness.

You mustn’t look at this treatment as some kind of miracle – instead of that, focus on the feelings you could experience, such as deep relaxation and tension reduction. No matter if you believe in alternative medicine or not, the effects Reiki achieves are known to increase the quality of life.

The Most Benefits of Reiki Therapy You’ll Get By Combining It with Therapy for Women of Color

Spiritual and medical forms of healing combined will have the best effect on your emotional and mental state. Balancing a vital force shouldn’t be the only treatment you undergo when suffering from physical disorders, but the same thing goes with your mental state.

Going through our WOC workshops and working with our counselors for women should be the basis of your mental health recovery, while the emotional and spiritual cleansing Reiki provides can be a significant upgrade. Our mental health experts are familiar with all problems you as an individual and a woman of color face – and we know how to help you deal with them. Contact us now and learn how to become a part of our amazing community!