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April 15, 2022

Top 10 Self Worth Affirmations

It can sometimes be difficult to understand the impact of self-worth affirmations. However, they’re not old news – these short bites of love, confidence, and value can make a difference in someone’s life, as long as they’re open to listening and receiving the message. Read more about the best affirmations to use.

Why Should You Use Self-Worth Affirmations?

Any therapist for women will get behind the idea of self-esteem positive affirmations because our confidence often relies on how we talk to and about ourselves. In a world where being a POC requires thick skin, it’s easy to forget how to treat ourselves kindly and compassionately.

Even if it seems silly, there are many reasons why choosing affirmative sentences is a good thing. When you book your first therapy appointment, your therapist will tell you all about them and encourage you to use them.

Affirmations Are Free to Use and Can Only Make Your Life Better

Positive affirmations for self-love and worth cost nothing. If you feel like you could use a pick-me-up from the daily troubles of life, try some free affirmations and personal care ideas for women.

While investing in women’s counseling will never be money wasted, it’s understandable why some hesitate to make that step. In this case, the internet can be your friend, as long as you affirm your esteem daily and believe your own words.

If You Have Kids, They’ll Follow Your Lead to Self-Love

Many parents rarely understand how their speaking affects children. That’s why telling yourself positive self-worth affirmations will rub off on your offspring and let them know it’s OK to love themselves.

Growing up as POCs, we got many stereotypes thrown our way, and wishing we’d be different was commonplace. Now that we’re becoming parents, our children will sometimes see how it was to be in our shoes.

However, this time we can give them the power of self-love and esteem and hope they don’t believe other people’s negative words. As parents of POCs, we have the opportunity to give them the life they deserve.

You Can Powerfully Take Things Into Your Hands

If you wish to get over a bad breakup, affirmations can be a powerful tool. If the split was devastating, you might sink into depression and low esteem. Stating affirmative thoughts won’t make it impossible to be sad but will help you realize your value.

Saying things like “I love myself even if ____ doesn’t” can be an excellent mental exercise that will show results when you most need them.

#1 I Am Worthy. I Am Enough.

The causing thoughts for this may be: “Nothing I do is worthy of attention” or “Nothing I do is ever enough.” Many women feel this way. We’re often expected to work more and prove ourselves. If we don’t work, we’re expected to be mothers and nurturers. In most cases, working mothers are expected to be both and good at it at the same time.

But when is a woman allowed to feel enough or worthy? The true answer to this question is – whenever she wants. If you feel this deeply, understand that you are worthy and enough at any given moment. How much you’re allowed to take and give is up to you, and how much you generally do is perfect enough.

Any women’s counselor may suggest this affirmation as the first thing to tell yourself when emotions and life overwhelm you. It may not be the easiest solution to dealing with stress, but you’ll feel it soon enough.

#2 I Give Myself Unconditional Love

How can we love ourselves guilt-free? Do we have to outgrow people to understand our value? Giving ourselves unconditional love is essential because it’s “me, myself, and I” every day. People can come and go, but outgrowing our old selves and becoming better is the goal.

This may be difficult at first but think of your child self. If you saw your 8-year-old version again, would you tell her negative and unhelpful things or hug her and be gentle and kind? In many ways, you are still that little girl. When times get tough, treat yourself the way you would treat her.

#3 I Have Confidence in My Skills

This affirmation is crucial for every working woman. Having confidence in your skills is a great way to prevent burnout because you won’t be overworking to prove a point. Additionally, not believing your abilities can develop anxiety symptoms and cause issues in the long run. While this affirmation isn’t a magic wand, repeating it will allow you to trust yourself more.

#4 I Deserve Everything I Desire

Many women with body image issues are afraid to express their desires. They think they’re not worthy of fulfilling their dreams and wishes because they’re not in an ideal body. However, this is untrue and quite damaging.

No matter the size and shape, every woman has the right to act on their desires. If you have these issues, women’s therapy can teach you how to take care of yourself and act on your desires without guilt or shame.

#5 I Accept Praise and Give It to Myself

Counselors for women can help you accept praise and tap yourself on the back whenever necessary. This is a potential symptom of Imposter Syndrome. This syndrome has the signature “every good thing I did was accidental” thought, which can cause blows to one’s confidence. It can also translate into dating and self-love, where you never see your worth past your productiveness and usefulness.

#6 My Self-Esteem Grows Every Day

This affirmation may be the toughest to believe, but it’s imperative. Even if, realistically, your esteem doesn’t grow daily, it will gradually. This could also be connected to how social media impacts the lives of many women and girls.

If you keep seeing other people’s success reels and montages of happiness without understanding that there’s so much more going on behind the scenes, you’ll start to doubt yourself and your value. If peer pressure results in lower confidence, ensure you review and revisit how you consume social media.

#7 I Have Health and Joy in Abundance

With the last couple of years being incredibly stressful due to the pandemic, now more than ever, it’s important to stay healthy and joyful. If you find yourself worrying about you or someone in your family getting sick, resorting to personal care is important.

This affirmation is relevant because, when we have health, we are abundant in everything else. People seem to see that more than ever, so telling yourself you’re healthy and fine will lead to better lifestyle choices in the long run. The words you say can directly impact your actions.

#8 I Do My Best Every Day

If no self-care tips work, remember this affirmation. Simply tell yourself that you’re doing your best at any given moment. You may be able to do more someday, but today, this is how you achieve things. Keep this sentence close to your heart, and remember it when you get frustrated during the day.

#9 People Treat Me With Respect

Experiencing work stress and putting up with the cost of keeping everyone happy can lead to a belief that we’re not treated fairly. As a result, we get thoughts like, “Why does this always happen to me?”

Realizing that everyone has similar (if not the same) doubts is essential, and most people try their best daily. That doesn’t dispute the fact that some use others for their benefit and treat them poorly, but even they act that way because of past hurt.

The more you find yourself respectable, the more you’ll be respected. You can change this affirmation to “I deserve to be treated with respect” if you want it to apply more directly.

#10 I Make a Difference in the World

This is another affirmation that should be on your mind daily. Just by existing, you’re making a difference in the world. Think of the bees – they’re tiny and often misunderstood, seemingly simple, ordinary insects.

However, you (and many others) may not realize that bees are crucial for survival. They pollinate trees and flowers, allowing them to survive, thrive, and live longer. Better and longer lives of flora mean the same for fauna and humans.

Think of yourself as the bee. Despite sometimes feeling small, doing what you do best at any time will always make you meaningful and valuable.

Therapy for Women Can Help You Practice and Believe the Positive Words You Tell Yourself

Counseling for women could teach you a lot more than just positive affirmations for self-worth. It’s understandable to wonder if therapy works, but one short visit will make you understand the value of having a counselor for women and choosing a therapist.

At WOC Therapy, we offer workshops and emotional support, among many other services. The value of counseling and working on mental health is immeasurable; our wish is for everyone to see the benefits of therapy as soon as they contact us. If you need to reaffirm yourself and your esteem, call us – we’ll answer and help you out.