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A joyful mother smiling at her baby with text overlay about a motherhood support and counseling program in Sherman Oaks.

The Healing Magic of Motherhood

Gain insights from a mother and licensed therapist who decided to toss out the rulebook for motherhood and tailor make her motherhood journey.

Parenting from a place of shame and doubt affects your mental health, the quality of your relationships, and your physical well-being. This 8-week non-clinical support group will help you redefine motherhood for yourself! You will learn:

  • Tools for taming the inner-critic and building more confidence
  • The ultimate “AND” formula – How to parent effectively “AND” pursue your personal dreams.
  • Ways to break the impact of intergenerational trauma on parenting dynamics
  • Tips for maintaining your sanity and sexy
  • The secret to setting boundaries in relationships

… And so much more!

This is an online 8-week support group designed to offer participants community and practical tools for successful parenting. Session are $40 and last for approximately 60 minutes.

Starts August 8th 2022, from 9:30am-10:30am

The cost is $297 (paid in full, ~$40 per session)

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