**Now Accepting Clients - CA Residents Only**
Promotional banner for an "anxiety detox" 8-week support group at our Sherman Oaks wellness center for teens, featuring images of smiling adolescents.

8-week Teen Anxiety Detox

This program is for teens who struggle with constant self-doubt, social anxiety, excessive worry, and a lingering fear of failure.

Our group facilitators provide support, resources, and step-by-step tools for helping your teen manage stress and anxiety. Teens will explore exactly what is causing their anxiety and proven strategies for finding more inner-peace and clarity in their daily lives.  In this 8-week non-clinical support group teens will learn:

  • The difference between stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • How to identify your stress response 
  • Mindfulness tools for managing stress 
  • How to kick social anxiety 
  • The secret to setting boundaries in relationships

… And so much more!

The cost is $597 (paid in full, ~$75 per session)

Starting December 20, 2023 from 7-8:15pm. 

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