**Now Accepting Clients - CA Residents Only**

Pavan Basra, LMFT


Pavan is a licensed therapist and empowerment coach who focuses on helping her clients gain confidence, tap into their divine femininity, heal their inner child and thrive in their love lives and careers! This passion led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA as well as a Master’s degree in couple and family therapy. Pavan has previously worked with teenagers, young adults, women and people of color who struggle with self-confidence, emotional distress, being too focused in their masculine energy, and struggling with issues surrounding career and romantic connections. How one “markets” themselves is a direct mirror into how other people will treat them, respect them, and approach them.

This is why Pavan loves guiding her clients into understanding who they really are, to be assertive, heal themselves emotionally and spiritually and finding their overall confidence and goddess like selves! She continues to work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds in a direct and positive style and caters each session specifically for her clients needs and interests. She has a personal and professional understanding with helping first and second generation Asian American clients specifically navigate identity while still embracing their culture. Read more about Pavan’s approach here: Navigating Identities: The Life of First Generation Asian Americans | WOC Therapy.