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Hasasha Hasulube, APCC


Hasasha is a bi-racial Ugandan American, originally from Chicago, Illinois. After earning her bachelor’s degree in humanities and theater, she completed her master’s in clinical mental health counseling at Capella University. Hasasha counsels from the understanding that mental health is greatly affected by our intersecting identities. She is committed to understanding how a client’s socioeconomic background, racial identity, sexual identity, and gender identity have impacted the client’s mental health.

Capitalistic systems wear on our mental health in unique ways, and Hasasha uses interventions to alleviate that weathering. She values advocating for justice, equity, and freedom to create a compassionate view of the self and others. She also uses CBT and reframing to help her client understand the ways their lives have been impacted by a capitalist society, regaining agency in their lives. As a queer, neurodivergent mother of color, Hasasha understands the importance of having a space that promotes exploration, provides resources, and centers the client’s experience.

She desires to foster relationships with clients that simultaneously bring them comfort, confidence, and growth. Hasasha is especially passionate about working with the adult neurodiverse community, including intersecting identities in the LGBTQIA+ and ENM communities. She understands personally and professionally how hard it can be to find a therapist who validates and supports the autistic and ADHD experience. She has worked with several clients to reframe and embrace their identity as neurodiverse, including coping skills for unmasking and resources for thriving in a world built on ableism.

Hasasha has additionally worked with clients struggling with emotional regulation, sexual trauma, emotional abuse, and setting boundaries. Her clients often come from immigrant families where the complexities of being a first or second generation American directly impacts personal doubts around what mental health looks like for them. Hasasha is personally invested in helping her clients navigate imposter syndrome, interracial relationships, and queerness in families of color. Her simultaneously direct and compassionate nature creates the ideal environment to grow and root into wellness.

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