**Now Accepting Clients - CA Residents Only**

Cassandra Carter, AMFT


As a person-centered therapist, I trust that you are the ultimate expert on your life.  I am the guide, pointing out patterns through self-exploration, engaging exercises, and deep inquiry. My name is Cassandra Carter-Williams, and I help clients establish healthier boundaries, kick codependent habits, and find self-love and compassion. My clients see growth as a result of my warm and collaborative approach. The biggest gift of therapy is having an authentic connection with someone who accepts all of you. When working with me, you get to show up however you are in the moment. 

I have an extensive background working with different populations, such as adult children of addicts and women in recovery. I attained my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Cal State LA and completed my MS in Marriage and Family Therapy at Mount Saint Mary’s.

I work primarily with clients experiencing big life transitions, who are on a path of rediscovery, whether following childbirth, coming out of a relationship, adjusting to a recent move, or experiencing grief and loss. I also enjoy working with clients seeking a slower pace in life, who are ready to move beyond survival mode and heal from anxiety and depression. I have a vested interest in exploring the intersections of anxiety with neurodivergence and other varying identities. To learn more about these overlaps, check out my blog post here: Exploring the Link: Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Neurodivergence | WOC Therapy

I am currently working toward my sex therapist certification, which allows me to help clients align their sexual lives with their everyday lives. I help women heal from trauma that prevents intimacy in their relationships.  Together, we explore the root of sexual beliefs attitudes that keep you from experiencing pleasure and joy.