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Bea Benedicto

Client Care Manager

Bea Benedicto is a first-generation Filipina college graduate. She received her Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance from the University of San Francisco. She has experience in the fields of Accounting and Marketing working for companies such as Deloitte and Warner Brothers. She also has experience running a small in-home Filipinx bakery selling at local farmers and community markets in Los Angeles.

She is currently working on her Masters of Social Work with the goal of transitioning into the mental health field. She is passionate about connecting and serving the communities that she is a part of and believes that mental health and wellness is integral to decolonization work and collective liberation. Click here to read Bea’s blog post on immigrant parenting and navigating cultural values and mental health: Why are Asian Parents so Strict? The Roots of Rigor | WOC Therapy