**Now Accepting Clients - CA Residents Only**

Alexis Smith, APCC


Alexis is an associate professional clinical counselor who is openly queer, poly positive, sex positive and neurodiversity positive. She is a San Diego native, who understands the importance of representation of womxn of color in the mental health field. Her professional background is in educational counseling at the higher education level and she has worked with people of all ages on the path to achieving their academic goals. While working with students, Alexis realized her true passion for supporting individuals with clinical concerns such as anxiety and depression.

She is passionate about supporting people as they navigate their identity, sexuality, and their relationship with themselves and others. She has experience working with teens, young adults and older adults from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. In sessions, Alexis creates a non-judgmental space where individuals are safe to tell their story, receive genuine validation for their lived experiences, confront self-limiting beliefs, build skills, process emotions, and reach their fullest potential.