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Are you looking to make a transition in your career or grow a business? Coaching is a helpful tool for gaining the confidence and skills you need to take the next steps. We provide a coaching experience that is interactive and personalized to your unique needs.  There are key differences between coaching and counseling. We’re here to shed light on what it is and how coaching services with WOC Therapy work.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is an extremely broad term that signifies self-help, similar to therapy, yet a bit different. The major difference is that coaching engages with clear skills that improve the client’s work-performance, relationships, and alike, whereas therapy is more elusive and more concerned with the past.  Coaching is a dynamic skill that will activate your potential and help you overcome mental blocks that are keeping you stuck.

What Is the Purpose of Coaching?

Effective coaching targets a specific outcome. You will be working on goal-setting and skills that can enable you to reach your dream standpoint. This can apply to anything from boosting self-esteem to expanding your professional capacities and leadership.

Learning Styles and Applications

Depending on what area in your life you’d like to focus on, our coaching services can be tailored to meet your needs. Some will serve to help you explore career ambitions and strengths, while others will push you out of your comfort zone in order to challenge limited beliefs. We understand that your personal aims can be met in more than one way.

What Are the 3 Types of Coaching and How They Affect Learning?

Depending on the rapport you build with your coach, you’ll experience one of the three main coaching styles. These are autocratic, democratic, and holistic. Many people wonder what are the 5 coaching styles, which also include authoritarian and vision coaching.

Autocratic and authoritarian styles are quite similar, with the main difference being the fact that in autocratic leadership, the role of the coach is even more pronounced, and problem-solving is not up to the client but the provider.

What Is Coaching in the Workplace?

At Women of Color Therapy Inc. we believe that holistic and vision styles are best for professional growth because they are comprehensive and forward thinking. Being solely ultra-creative won’t do, but neither will blindly sticking to the rules. Our coaches can help you envision your goals, connect with your feelings, and internalize a number of mechanisms and skills that serve to help entrepreneurs achieve target profits or other business ambitions.

Through a combination of workshops and one-one-one support, we have helped countless women of color through our coaching services. Our services are not only beneficial for the business and the company, but also extremely motivating and rewarding. We allow the management to have a say on the types of training for the employees as a team, but they all serve the aim of bringing the best of each individual to light in teamwork and personal work performance. So, if you’re an aspiring manager who wants to advance company cooperation, this can be a life-changing experience for you.

What Is the Positive Psychology Coaching Model?

Another crucial model we implement in our life coaching is positive psychology.  Generally speaking, positive psychology is a type of training mostly focused on manifestation. This means that our team of coaches will enable you to practice how to handle both positive and negative emotions through specially designed exercises, such as the positivity ratio, active constructive responding, and time management hacks.

How Can the Coach Help You Connect With Your Reality and Assess All Options?

Our team at Women of Color Inc. believes that coaching psychology or consulting psychology, for that matter, both operate with a view of bringing self-induced prosperity into one’s life. So we always advise our clients to consider what areas they want to work on and learn while choosing a professional. You can achieve this by asking yourself what kind of leadership and guidance you believe you can benefit from.

Once you settle on an approach, we’ll dive into building an effective strategy plan to meet your goals. These strategies range from reflection to gratitude journaling to leaping out of your comfort zone. But, they all have one thing in common, and that is helping you take full responsibility for both the pleasant and unpleasant in your experience.

What Should You Think About When Selecting a Program and a Coach?

Research shows that coaching is more likely to succeed if you can connect to your consultant. So, consider the following:

  • What community background do I want the coach to have?
  • What feedback would I respond to well in training?
  • What traits and skills would inspire me to learn?
  • What is something I want to avoid doing with coaches?

If you’re looking for a culturally sensitive therapist, our therapists are excellent because not only are they trained in psychology and boast ample experience, but they also share a mission. And that is giving women of color a voice of their own that stands apart from white-dominant culture.

How Do Our Coaches Help Women of Color Create a Plan That Sets Them up for Success?

If all we said inspired you to think about advancing your life and putting your best foot forward in all your endeavors, start the journey of self-exploration today. Simply complete the confidential questionnaire on our website and tell us more about your needs and desired service. You can also book 15-minute consultations that can aid us in determining how to enable you to go that one step further towards being successful. Our top-notch team of diverse therapists and coaches excel in both individual and group work and might help you find the answer to any problem.


“OMG, where do I begin? Tamika is the best. I’ve been seeing her for about a year and she’s so easy to talk too. I get so excited every time I see her. She gives great advice and really does care for her clients. I am so lucky to know a wonderful soul like Tamika.”

A. L.

“There are a few people I meet who can make me feel so confident in what I’m doing in the world. Tamika is one of those people for me. As I was building my dream business, I struggled with confidence since I didn’t have a college degree or any fancy certifications. Tamika was able to gently guide me and highlight my strengths, so I could get over my self-doubts that we’re blocking me.”

J. S.

“As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and colleague of Tamika’s, I have witnessed firsthand her passion for helping people, especially women. Tamika provides a high-quality level of support to all she comes in contact with and she is truly an inspirational and resilient woman.”

M. B.

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