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Tired of over-giving in your relationships?

Rescue Recovery

Loving people who can’t properly love you back is exhausting

When I first read “The Giving Tree” to my son, I cried.

I thought of the countless womxn in my practice who, like the old faithful tree, give in their relationships to a point of exhaustion. Often with nothing in return. If you feel frustrated, depressed, and tired of supporting other people’s needs while ignoring your own, this course may be for you.

The Rescue Recovery course teaches womxn how to move beyond the Rescue Identity, which says I’m only worthy as long as I’m needed. You’ll learn to set boundaries in your relationships, identify rescue behaviors, and learn tools for better self-care. What’s Included.


6 modules:
I.  Knowing your Worth                 
II. 5 Signs of a Classic Rescuer          
III. How to Get your Partner to Partner         
IV. Maintaining Sane and Sexy Relationships
VI. The Power of No
VII. Mind, Body Attunement in Relationships


2 Group Coaching Calls


Rescue Recovery Workbook and Journal


Private FB community with weekly Q & A.

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