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WOC Therapy offers a series of self-paced online courses for womxn who are experiencing anxiety, burnout, and co-dependency. Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • I say YES to things I don’t want to do in my personal and professional life.
  • I feel anxious, worried, and tense most of my day.
  • I repeatedly help and/or love people I secretly can’t stand.
  • I feel lonely and in need of supportive women in my life.
  • There’s an idea I want to build but and a leap I want to take but I’m scared.

How to Know if You’re a Candidate for Online Classes?

Feelings of burnout, anxiety, and co-dependency don’t surface out of the blue. If you’ve been needing guidance, but find yourself limited on time and resources, an online course might be a perfect fit. 

In each online class you will find step-by-step modules, an active community, access to coaching sessions, and workbooks for improved self-care. You will also hear from a series of guest experts on topics ranging from co-dependency, sex therapy, yoga-informed trauma and more.


The WOC Reflection Series offers intimate (and relatable) stories of how other womxn move through personal challenges. Find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Whatever you’re going through is likely a shared experience, and something that you can absolutely manage!

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The 8-week Anxiety Detox is for womxn struggling with anxiety. Dealing with constant self-doubt, inability to leave the house or mingle in social settings, excessive worry, and a lingering fear of failure is exhausting! This self-paced course provides virtual support, resources, and step-by-step videos to help you manage stress and anxiety. Learn exactly what is causing your anxiety and proven strategies for finding more inner-peace and clarity in your life.

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Do you find yourself repeatedly trying to rescue people in your relationships? Do you know the value of your time and love? In Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree, a young boy makes repeated requests of a tree that gives the boy everything, until the tree is reduced to nothing but a stump. When I first read it to my son, I cried…

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