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Month: February 2021

How to Calm Yourself Down Quickly When Feelings Overwhelm You

By abigail-butler | February 25, 2021 | Self-Care

When the pressure of life gets us down, we often find ourselves wondering how we got into that situation and questioning our actions. Negative feelings impact different people in so many ways, but knowing some useful techniques and learning how to calm yourself down is the first step towards attaining self-control and general happiness. This post aims to reveal some valuable strategies you can employ when feelings overwhelm you and blur your focus.

How to Choose a Therapist that Clicks

By abigail-butler | February 21, 2021 | Self-Care

When looking for a mental health professional, the first task you’re faced with is learning how to determine who is right for you. Knowing how to choose a therapist is a significant part of the process. This is because your relationship with your mental health care provider is highly likely to determine your overall success. But what traits do fantastic therapists possess, and where can you find them?

On the Language I Left Behind

By abigail-butler | February 5, 2021 | Self-Care

Last year brought many changes in everyday life. With the lockdown due to pandemics and different politically charged events, not only the way we live has changed but also the way we communicate. Language has become a powerful tool freeing people from gender dynamics and liberating people of color from stereotypes. Tamika Lewis, clinical director and founder of WOC Therapy, spoke for the magazine The Byrdie, about what 2020 brought to Black women. 

Many women of color say it’s hard find a therapist who gets them. Here are resources to help

By abigail-butler | February 5, 2021 | Self-Care

Explaining your problems to the therapist can be scary enough. Adding the fact that they can’t fully grasp them can turn you away from much-needed therapy for good. As a person of color, having a therapist that can understand your background and the problems you face is essential for your mental health. 2020 especially shed light on the problems Black women face when it comes to finding the right therapist. Counselor and founder of WOC Therapy, Tamika Lewis spoke for The Lily, a publication of The Washington Post, about the need for more therapists of color. 

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