July 2020 - WOC Therapy

Month: July 2020

The Myth of the “Strong Black Woman”

By tamika-lewis | July 29, 2020 | Self-Care

The strong Black woman trope has been ingrained in society for centuries. It’s a damaging stereotype that affects Black women in a multitude of negative ways. Black women tend to feel pressured to achieve the impossible and do so without showing any emotion as a mechanism to deal with the stress. They wake up and walk out of the door with an emotional armor in order to uphold the “strong image” often at the expense of their humanity.

Healing Racial Trauma in WOC

By tamika-lewis | July 8, 2020 | Self-Care

Being a woman of color (WOC) is a privilege but in today’s society there are a number of things that breed racial trauma. It is something that builds inside WOC – everyday we are met with different situations that add to our past painful experiences of racism. Many of us, including me have been oblivious to what we are suffering from. Wounds from generational, physical and personal racism as well as microaggressions and gaslighting have added to the suffering WOC must face in a daily basis.

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